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Art to me is a mystery and often I use a limited color palette and layered brushstrokes, to create some thought in the pieces. All art has a story that is waiting to be told. I create pieces that offer you your own personal journey.

(It takes a few seconds to load this page...wanted to give you detail and color. Also I am new to photography, they are brighter and crisper in person.)



Champagne Roses - 30x30 - OC Tyler White Gallery                                Encased with Light - 30x30 - OC  Tyler White Gallery




Lily's to Arrange - 18x18 - OC.  Tyler White Gallery                                         Purple Fusion - 24x24 - OC Tyler White Gallery




Pearls and Lemons - 24x36 - OC Tyler White Gallery                              Pineapple and True Friends 30x30 OC Tyler White Gallery



Mom's Favorite Pocket Book 24x24 OC Tyler White Gallery                            Plant Conversations 24x24 OC,  Tyler White Gallery



If Plants Could Talk - 20x30 - OC Tyler White Gallery                                  Heron's Blue Bay - 24x36 - OC Tyler White Gallery


In the Studio- Available




Dandy's Lion - 18x18 - Oil on Canvas -  (Dec) 2013.

Citrus or Sweets - 30x30 - Oil on Canvas -2014.



Yellow Lights - 18x18 - Oil on Canvas -(Nov)2013.


Sun Flowers Are Taller - 24x36 - Oil on Canvas - (Dec) 2013.



Below are the wall color pallets I try to keep in mind when I paint. 2014





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Heather Jordan

2545 Iseman Road, Darlington South Carolina 29532



or 843-393-8393