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Coastal Artwork 

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I started my art journey painting coastal, my time on the South Carolina marsh flats open such a connection.  The colors range from muted to vibrant at certain times of year, I am truly myself on the water.  We spend hours in the boat, so it is a very easy subject matter for me to paint, plus the reference material is very wonderful to collect! Every piece has a connection to the salt, sand and air.

(I wanted to give you some detail therefore a better resolution on the camera-it looks fuzzy with smaller resolution.)       


Oyster Migration 20x24         (I painted the design on the right and left sides)


Citrus Shrimp 16x20                                                                       Boat on Horizon 14x18



Gull Catch 14x18                                                                       Marsh Friends 16x20



Fishing For Sand Dollars 16x20                                 Have my Permits 20x20      



Oysters on A Roast 14x18                                                                           Ole Blue Eyes 8x10



Conch Shell Blue 12x16                                                                Heron At Night 12x16



 Small Paintings


                               Conch Out 6x6 & Nautilus Shell 8x8                          Bouys  6x6, Red Fish 6x6, Lime Oysters                                                                                             


                Oysters in Green 8x10, Shrimp on Grill 8x10                                         Crimson Fish on Run 10x10


Oysters N Pearl 8x8, Oysters and Tea 6x6


Hot Legs 8x8, Crab N Fish 6x6                                                                Couple of Palms 8x10, Clams for dinner 6x6, Pelican at Night 6x6


Buoy's on Bay 1-8x10                          Buoy's on Bay 2-8x10



                  Sea Horse 6x6,  Wahoo 2, 6x6                            Golf Cart in Teal 6x6, Turtle Time 6x6, Golf in Blue 6x6

                             Crab Pinch 12x12                   



Mullet Head 8x10, Baby Blue Boat 6x6                                                         Ocean Blue 8x10, Blue Heron 6x6



                              Olivin Oysters - 20 x 24 x 1 OC                          Teal on Run -20 x 20 x 1 OC                  


Crab Calamity-14x18x1 OC Roper Hospital  SOLD                   Southern Oyster Roast-14x18x1 OC Roper Hospital SOLD    


                                                Heron Solitude-12x16x1 OC


Tell Tale Tuna-12x16x1 OC                                            Shrimp Serenade-12x16x1 OC  SOLD


 Coral and Star-12x16x1 OC                                                      No Wake Zone 12x12x1 OC SOLD


Seagull Sway 12x12x1 OC                                           Heron Before Coffee -14x18x1 OC

                  Call Me Mr. Blue Crab - 30 x 40 x 2 OC Studio  



Coastal  Dock Series

This is a fun painting series. I see so much of these details when we are in the boat.




Mom's Place - 30x40 - Oil on Canvas -Studio.





Mom's Place Close Up


                     Dolphin Dock House - 24x36 -OCStudio                             Sail Boat Harbor - 12x12 -OCStudio  



            Heron Hide Away - 24x30 -OCStudio                                     Dock House - 24x36 -OCStudio  


                      Conch Out - 12x12 -OC Studio                                                   Flags Calling - 12x12 -OC Studio  


                             No Wake - 12x12 -OC Studio                                                    Crab Shack - 12x12 -OC Studio




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