Deliberately Debt Free

Other Job

Being an artist.

My financial journey started with being an artist. Why? To keep my husband in the market. Being an artist is crazy hard and very time consuming. You are your own business. You have to be creative all the time. You will learn marketing and how to speak with people. The reality is after 15 years you don't make a lot of money. 

Being an artist taught me ..

How to keep your mind busy and off money . I can't say this enough. In order to be wealthy the focus is not on money it is being creative. Yes creative. Results from ones action is creativity and learning.   

I have no formal art training

I have no formal training in art at all. Really. We opened up an art gallery the day the stock market crashed in 2008. I was humbled at all the art that came in. The works of the artist were astounding, but being in a very small town was tough. We closed the gallery after 7 years. I was never in the red with the investment, never took loans. Just worked with the income that came in though sales. The real diamond was we owned the property. We sold it and put it in Google stock and doubled our money in 4 years. 

Other Coastal

I love to make new furniture out of old furniture. The chippy salty texture is sealed and secure.


I truly love to make art furniture. These one of a kind pieces are each hand selected with old woods from our farm or travels. No two pieces are the same.


Wall Art

These fish have so much character. I have a happy heart, each one has their own personality.

How to Purchase Art Work

Quickest way is 

TEXT 843-601-5418. I can tell you where they are represented.


I will be posting the canvas and furniture prior to delivery on Instagram. Contact me asap. My studio is just wonderful, but it is small and I like to sling some paint. 

Canvas paintings-Instagram




Canvas Paintings

I have pending representation in Georgetown SC,