Deliberately Debt Free

Heather Jordan


Investing and finance has been a passion of mine for years. Living debt free and investing is easy with a few simple steps. 


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Thursday November 14 at 7pm

Your Money Identity is a FREE 90-minute webinar hosted by Robin Lewis and special guest speakers Marilyn Neubauer, International Minister, and Heather Jordan, Debt & Financial Freedom Coach

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My mission

Teaching others about money, investing, college debt and marital peace..

You may be wondering why all of the above have any relationship to each other. They are all intertwined in financial independence. 

The greatest influence you have in your life is if you had money as a child or you didn't. That's really it. So for me as a child, I didn't. 

My respect for money and how easily it can come into your life and leave, always has intrigued me. Learning a basic understanding about saving was when I was entering college. When you don't have it you don't spend it. 

The day we were married we had $65. I didn't cry tears of joy, I cried because were were slap broke. We took a completely different approach to life and it has paid very well. Stepping on the right life financial stones will keep you from living under water. 

My journey is new. Your patience and understanding on how I can get this information to you in a clear manner will be on a Youtube channel called:

Heather Jordan

"Deliberately Debt Free"

Instagram "Heather.Jordanspeaker"